Imperial Glory on sale
Richard's latest novel Imperial Glory is now available. It's bayonet versus choppa in this 40K Zulu as the exhausted twenty year veterans of the Brimlock Eleventh undertake one final campaign to rid a secessionist colony world of a plague of feral orks.


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Black Library Live 2009

Saturday 11th April - Warhammer World

On April 11th, Richard, Reiksguard banner flying, headed up to Nottingham for Black Library Live and the formal pre-release of the novel.

There was a free copy of either Reiksguard or The Killing Ground for every ticket holder, so the BL acolytes were taking no chances!

On display that day were the covers for Iron Company and A Call to Arms, the next two novels in the Empire series.

Richard and Black Library editor Nick Kyme at the Reiksguard reading and question and answer session. A clip will be appearing on BL TV soon.

Just a couple of the Black Library fans who got their copies of Reiksguard signed and embossed with the Reiksguard seal, courtesy of Richard's custom-made stamp.

Amongst the fans were more than a few familiar faces who'd met Richard on the Heroes of the Reiksguard tour and had come along to be amongst the first to get a copy of the book. These fans were over from the Netherlands and had bumped into Richard the day before at GW Nottingham.

All through the day, a Reiksguard themed WFB game was played in Warhammer World's awesome gaming hall, pitting Kurt Helborg, his knights and Gramrik's defenders of Karak Angazhar against Burakk the Craw and Thorntoad of the Ten Tribes.

The final battle of the day saw the goblin / ogre alliance poised for victory after they crushed the dwarfen warriors...

...only for they to be stalled by the mighty Reiksguard knights who brought them to a bloody stalemate.

"I feel very lucky to have Reiksguard chosen as the special pre-release for an event like Black Library Live. There really can be no better way to launch a new book and series!

The day was packed with signings, schedules, games and competitions, it would have taken me a whole other day to get around it all. My thanks go to all the folk at BL whose hard work made the day possible. My favourite moments, as ever, came from chatting with BL fans, both in the signings, the empire question and answer and alongside fellow authors in the writers seminar.

Hope you all enjoy the novel, and see you next time!"

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